1. 徐岩、俞真合著,《香港創新》,香港科技大學,二零零九年七月。

Book Chapter

  1. Kevin K.W. Ho, Calvin C. Yu and Michael C.L. Lai, “An Exploratory Study on the User Adoption of Central Cyber Government Office of the Hong Kong Government”, in Encyclopedia of E-Business Development and Management in the Digital Economy, IGI Global, 2009.

Conference Paper

  1. Kevin K.W. Ho, Calvin C. Yu and Michael C.L. Lai, “An Exploratory Study on the User Adoption of G2C and G2E e-Government Projects”, in Proceedings of the 6th International We-B (Working For E-Business) Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2005.
  2. Chun Yu and Paul J.H. Hu, “Examining the Impacts of Institutional Framework on E-Government Infrastructures: A Study of Hong Kong Experiences”, in Proceedings of the 40th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Big Island, HI, USA, 2007.
  3. S.M. Lui and Calvin Chun Yu, “An Investigation of Web Presence and Business Intelligence of Australian Game Development Companies Using Webometrics Indicators”, in Proceedings of the 13th Australasian World Wide Web Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 2007.
  4. Calvin Chun Yu and Paul J.H. Hu, “Rethinking the Relationship between Ubiquitous Government and Electronic Government”, in Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, Auckland, New Zealand, 2007 (Research in progress).
  5. S.M. Lui and Chun Yu, “Information Reuse among Government Websites in Asian Countries”, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration, Las Vegas, USA, 2007.
  6. Xu Yan and Calvin Chun Yu, “Extension of Open Innovation Model to the Studies of Regional or National Level Technology and Innovation Policy Issues”, in Proceedings of the XX International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Conference, Vienna, Austria, 2009.

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